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The sample represents a unique opportunity to directly experience the quality and characteristics of a product. This approach will allow you to see first-hand what you are considering purchasing, to closely examine its workmanship and workmanship, and to personally evaluate its aesthetics and performance.


Since our products are tailor-made for each customer, preparation and shipping times are approximately 7-10 days .

Our frames are designed to fit all types of televisions , including those with protruding infrared. For more information, visit our Blogs .

Simply equip yourself with a measuring tape and take the external measurements of the TV, in width and height, in centimeters (e.g. 70.5 cm).

Our packaging is designed to prevent any damage during transit. However, in case of unforeseen events, the shipment is insured .

You can contact us via WhatsApp, email and social media. Find all our contact details here: Contacts .